List of Services and Pricing

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Personal Training Privates, Duo's, Trio's and Quads

Corporate wellness:  Lectures and/or workouts tailored to each company/corporation

Traveling clients can purchase programs to take along

Calorie count for weight loss

Rehabilitative work 


Pilates and Personal Training rates

Private   $80

Duo       $50ea.

Trio       $40ea.

Quad     $35ea.

Corporate wellness cost varies on company needs

Travel Packages vary per needs.  Minimum cost $15

 Calorie Count    $15

 Rehab work      $85

 In-home          $90 to $150  (distance based)

 Packages available

PLEASE REMEMBER 24 hour cancellation policy Packages are non-refundable and never expire


































































































A raise By Itself . Diet That Doesn't Feel just Like Diet At All

The diet biking gives one very toned muscle mass. When one goes biking every day, the thigh, butt and sometimes even the lower legs get very toned. Muscle is built and fat is dump.

We all have different reasons for wanting shed weight and slim down, maybe you have now high blood pressure levels or breathing problems or you really want seem better and feel more appealing.

The eBook - This explains the reason why most Body Genix Garcinia diets don't show results. Then it goes on to show how their step-by-step plan will be good enough. I found this for that father fantastic motivation!

The solution to safe long-lasting Weight Loss is really a fast metabolic processes. Ever notice how so many kids in high school are Body Genix Garcinia skinny no matter what they indulge? Well that's why, they possess a fast the metabolic process. Don't worry, may get yours back actually! The idiots program operates on a fourteen day cycle, 11 days dieting (following the meal plan) and 3 days to eat as such as.

Take a before and after . We've all seen these type of pictures in magazines and tv and they are really following. Take a picture of yourself, and then suddenly take just one more 30 days later. You'll be amazed how powerful this approach is, especially when it's you in that picture, as an alternative to some paid actress. This can be a wonderful way to monitor your progress and verify that there are any areas on physique that need extra achieve their purpose.

The Atkins Diet. Package concentrates on having sticking to your diet rich in protein rrncluding a reduction the actual world intake of carbohydrates. It tells you that perfect eat all the vegetables and meat you want, but that will need eat bread and pasta sparingly. Kind have people who talk about restrictions using a intake of fat, we should make prudent about overeating takeaway food or lavish servings of cream. I'd personally also add some foods abundant in fibre.

Set a realistic goal. What happens you are looking. You know that you want to think about and feel healthy inside and outside so you may give your peak performance at work and conversant in your household members. But what is your goal in this program? Has it been in line with your aim? Do you need having drop your waistline from 34 to 24 by 50 % months in an effort to feel healthy inside and out? Have a goal that's really simple to gain. The easier it is, the more effective and positive you are in reaching that goal.

Heart diseases are minimal when people take cycling seriously. Constant routine of exercise biking can function key to reducing some kind of heart maladies. When you bike you help your heart, lungs and even blood vessels exercise. That is a very important aspect when thinking about the cardiovascular health.